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80baMental is on tonight at 9PST on Fox. On tonight’s episode Jack treats a celebrity who had a breakdown on national television. 


life after peopleLife After People on the History Channel at 10 PST. Tonight’s episode is called “Water of Death” where it will show how destructive waters overtake the world we leave behind. Rain floods New Orleans again, and when power goes out in the city’s aquarium, it spells doom for thousands of animals. Corrosion from rain brings down Seattle’s Space Needle, while humidity in the Middle East wrecks Dubai’s space-age structures. 


hawthorneHawthoRNe at 9 PST on TNT. Tonight’s episode is called “Healing Time” where Christina becomes attached to a brain aneurysm patient when his dementia leads him to believe she is his wife. This becomes an issue when the patient starts relying on Christina’s opinion over Dr. Wakefield’s. 


8ac9I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!  is on again at 8PST on NBC. Yesterday we saw Holly leave for the second time, Sanjaya was so sad. America has voted to save their faves and two of the remaining celebrities will be eliminated from the competition for good tonight.

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