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royal_pains_cast-500x375Royal Pains on USA Network at 10 PST. Tonight’s episode is called “TB or not TB” and is about when Allison Moore, the owner/head chef of a trendy Hampton’s restaurant suffers a stroke, Hank attempts to save her from potential long-term damage, but she goes missing before treatment is administered.

samantha whoSamantha Who? is on at 8 PST on ABC, today is the return of this show, but as we know this is also it’s last season since it has been cancelled. Tonight’s episode is about when Sam starts dating a rock superstar, she becomes so embarrassed by Andrea and Dena’s fan-like reactions that she unintentionally begins to alienate them.

In the MotherhoodIn The Motherhood is on at 9:30 PST on ABC and tonight’s episode is called “Shepfather” where Jane’s nervousness over boyfriend Shep meeting her kids turns into jealousy when he shows off his parenting skills. I love Megan Mullally’s character in this show, she’s funny and smart and a rebel, a little like her old Will and Grace character.


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