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Returning Shows

Good news is fall is coming back with many of our favorite shows starting up soon.


9/09 at 9PST on Fox

This show will start with teacher Will needs to enlist more students for the choir, but jealous cheerleading coach Sue undermines him. We saw the premier episode in May and now it’s back. This show has been getting a lot of publicity this summer and hopefully it continues to be as good as the first episode.

The Office

9/17 at 9 PST on NBC

The season ended with Pam finding out she’s pregnant with her fiance Jim’s baby, which was a happy surprise. Since Pam and Jim started dating I was always afraid something would come between them and end their happy relationship. This coming season there will be a wedding and Pam will be trying to hide her pregnancy from her family.


9/21 at 8 PST on Fox

We left off with House being admitted to an institution and Cameron and Chase wed. The two hour premiere solely traces House’s recovery over several months and I’m so excited to see this show come back. In House’s absence, Foreman leads the team, unfortunately Cuddy and House’s flirtation will not be so important.

How I Met Your Mother

9/21 at 8 PST on CBS

Last season ended with Ted getting a new job as an architecture professor, which will lead him in the path of finding his mothers kids. Also, Barney professed his love for Robin! Looks like this season we will learn things about Teds future wife and Barney and Robin will be seeing if they can make it as a couple. I love this show, I love Barney and I can’t wait to see if he ends up happy with Robin!

Grey’s Anatomy

9/24 at 9PST on ABC

Last season ended with Izzie’s cancer nearly killing her and George flat lining, and Derek and Meredith writing their marriage vows. As we already know George dies and Izzie makes it. Cristina and Owen keep their relationship going, Mark and Lexie are even happier in their relationship, and Alex and Izzie’s relationship may fall apart.

Family Guy

9/27 at 9 PST on Fox

Not much to say about this new season, but we’ll be sure to expect the usual Family Guy comedy. This new season will include Miley Cyrus being stalked, Stewie and Brian’s adventures in alternate dimensions, and celebrity cameos include Chace Crawford as an escaped convict Meg harbors, and Anne Hathaway who’s in a TV show Stewie is obsessed with.

Desperate Housewives

9/27 at 9 PST on ABC

Last season ended with the neighbors including pregnant Lynette and a single Bree, gathered for Mike’s I do’s.  We won’t find out till this season if Mike marries Katherine or Susan. This season also brings a new family to the neighborhood, the Bolens. The drama will most likely be centered around this family.

30 Rock

10/15 at 9:30 PST on NBC

Last season ended with Jack losing his fiancee and finding his dad. This season Jenna will go folksy and there will be a quest for a new actor for the show. Jack also wants dating guru Liz to host a talk show which will blow up in her face.

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What’s On Tonight



weeds_season5Weeds is on at 10 PST on Showtime. Tonight’s episode is called “Glue” where Andy joins Nancy and Cesar in their search for Esteban; Dean and Doug make good on their plan to get back at Celia; Silas and Shane find themselves becoming protective of their new stepsister Adelita. This show is so good, funny, and it just gets better and better.

86f0Nurse Jackie is on at 10:30 PST on Showtime. Tonight’s episode is the season finale and is called “Health Care and Cinema” where Kevin invites Jackie to a midnight rendezvous in order to give her a new wedding ring; the comatose movie critic wakes up but his tastes have radically changed; Eddie learns the truth about Jackie’s family; O’Hara’s ailing mother is admitted. So far this show has been getting very suspenseful. Will Eddie tell Jackie’s husband about the affair? Can Jackie get off the drugs? Will someone find out about Jackie’s drug addiction?

Secret lifeThe Secret Life of The American Teenager is on at 8PST on ABC Family. Tonight’s episode is called “Knocked Up, Who’s There?” where Amy attempts to keep Ben interested in her. Elsewhere, Grace proves to be an influence on Adrian. Unfortunately Rumor Willis will be guest staring in this episode and I think she’s terrible and ugly, a true potato head.

Make it orMake It or Break It is on at 9 PST on ABC Family. Tonight’s episode is the season finale and is called “All That Glitters” where the girls go to Boston to compete in Nationals. While Payson is obsessed with beating Kelly Parker, her teammates lack focus: Kaylie feels torn between Carter and her dad, Lauren is angry at her parents and Carter, and Emily fears she’s in over her head. This season has been an unexpected good show and this episode is sad and good and I can’t wait to see how next season will turn out.

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Sundays Schedule


True BloodTrue Blood which is on at 9 PST on HBO. Last nights episode is called “New World is In My View.” First of all Jason and Sam looked good in this episode and Maryann is driving me crazy, I can’t wait until they kill her. This season has had no dull moments and each episode has left off with a cliff hanger, sadly there are only two episodes left. In last nights episode Sookie, Bill and Jason return to a Bon Temps turned upside down by Maryann. Lured to Merlotte’s by Arlene, Sam and Andy find cold comfort in their refuge from a group of bloodthirsty revelers. Bill discovers that traditional vampire techniques don’t work on Maryann; Hoyt and Jessica try to keep a lid on Maxine’s madness; Sookie tries to push through the darkness consuming Tara. With all hell breaking loose, Jason takes the bull by the horns to rescue Sam, at least for the moment.

HungHung is on at 10 PST on HBO. This show funny and has really gotten me interested in seeing if Ray will get caught by the police, if he’ll get his life together, or if he’ll finally be able to fix his house. Last nights episode is called “You Come Just Right” and after standing him up, Jemma tells Ray maybe they should take a break, and Ray seeks out Tanya for advice on women. Meanwhile, Tanya finds her new boyfriend Pierce to be a man of mystery. Attending a family barbeque at Jessica and Ronnie’s, Ray finds himself in an uncomfortable place. After seeing her classified ad, Lenore gives Tanya some unwanted feedback on her marketing strategy, which leads Tanya to take a more personal approach.

drop dead divaDrop Dead Diva is on at 9 PST on Lifetime. I wasn’t sure about this show but I started hearing good things about it so I checked it out and I do really like it and recommend it to you. This show is funny and had its sad moments, and it also has the aspects of a law show. I can’t wait for Jane to tell Grayson that she’s really Debb.

My AntonioMy Antonio is on at 10:30 PST on VH1. This is not your typical reality dating show, first because I have not seen one challenge. In last night’s episode everyone was still buzzing over the shock of Tully’s arrival, Antonio’s first wife. But the shock turns to horror, as Sarah has an emotional breakdown in the middle of the night. Antonio seeks out Tully and they have their first conversation after being estranged for nearly 20 years. Tully begs for a second chance. Antonio doesn’t trust her motives for being here. But he reluctantly agrees to let her stay.

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What’s On Tonight



samantha whoSamantha Who? is on at 8 PST on ABC, today there will be two new episodes and it will be the season finale, or since it was cancelled its more like a series finale. First, “The Other Woman” where Sam learns that Winston Funk’s ex-wife played an important role in her life before the accident. Meanwhile, Andrea tries to seduce her gay fiance. Then, at 8:30 “With This Ring,” The series concludes on Andrea’s wedding day, and Sam is torn between Winston Funk and Todd, again. Meanwhile, Howard and Regina begin to realize their paths are starting to diverge.

royal_pains_cast-500x375Royal Pains is on at 10PST on USA. Tonight’s episode is called “Crazy Love,” where Hank tends to an accident victim with serious injuries that aren’t readily apparent. Elsewhere, Jill’s childhood pal returns to the Hampton’s following a job offer from Boris, and Divya’s fiance visits, prompting her to examine their relationship.


The Listener on NBC at 10 PST. Tonight’s episode is called “One Way or Another,” Toby gathers information from a traumatized rape victim whose attacker Marks failed to convict in the past. During his probe, Toby discovers Marks may have a deeper connection to the case.

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What’s On Tonight



5e00 True Blood is back this week on HBO at 9 PST. Tonight’s episode is called “Shake and Fingerpop” and it starts with Bill and Sookie heading to Dallas to carry out Eric’s vampire-reconnaissance mission, but a surprise awaits them at the airport. At the Light of Day Institute, Jason falls victim to a practical joke, but has the last laugh when the Newlins anoint him for a higher calling. Maryann throws Tara a birthday party at Sookie’s, attracting much of Bon Temps to its Bacchanalian revelry. Sam postpones his departure from town to attend the bash, connecting with Daphne in the process. Having barely escaped Fangtasia, Lafayette finds himself reluctantly pulled back into Eric’s orbit. I can’t wait, it looks good.

HungHung is on at 10PST on HBO and tonight is the second episode called, “Great Sausage” or “Can I Call You Dick?” where in an effort to market Ray as a high-end “happiness consultant,” Tanya tracks down a former law-firm colleague named Lenore, who agrees to take Ray for a test ride in exchange for the names and numbers of wealthy women. Meanwhile, Jessica’s obsessive behavior grates on her kids, who push Ray to fix his fire-damaged house. A local contractor promises Ray a “Wolf Pack” discount for repairs, but money mismanagement has Ray strapped for cash. That all could change after Ray’s session with Lenore or so he and Tanya hope. I saw the first episode and it was good, interesting, and like no other show out right now.

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What’s On Tonight



samantha whoSamantha Who? is on at 8 PST on ABC, today there will be two new episodes. First, “Todd’s Job” where to atone for sins of the past, Sam tries to ensure that Todd gets a job by sabotaging his cometition. Regina puts Dena’s house on the market, unbeknownst to Dena. Then, at 8:30 “The Sister,” where Sam learns that, because of a family feud between Regina and her sister, she’s been kept in the dark about having an aunt and a grandmother.


The Listener on NBC at 10 PST. Tonight’s episode is called “Lisa Says. Where Tobe  turns to a gang of runways in pursuit of a missing girl.

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What’s On Tonight



Better off tedBetter Off Ted at 9:30 PST on ABC. Tonight’s episode is called “Bioshuffle” where Tensions mount when Ted, Linda and Veronica end up sharing offices.

hawthorneHawthoRNe at 9 PST on TNT. Tonight’s episode is called “Yielding” where Christina scrambles to create a makeshift ICU bed for a woman whose son isn’t ready to let her go. Bobbie helps Kelly handle a difficult case in which an infant has apparently ingested rubbing alcohol, and suspicion has fallen on the mother. Ray tries to spend time with Candy checking expiration dates in the drug closet, but his attention keeps getting pulled by a needy patient. And Camille spends the day sneaking around the hospital when she’s supposed to be working on an English essay.

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What’s On Tonight



86f0A new episode of Nurse Jackie is on at 10:30 PST on Showtime. Tonight’s episode is called “School Nurse” where Jackie and Kevin consider enrolling Grace in private school; the stoic Dr. O’Hara must endure the emotional thanks of a boy whose twin brother she saved; Zoey loses a patient for the first time.

Secret lifeThe Secret Life of the American Teenager is on tonight at 8 PST on ABC Family. Tonight’s episode is called “What’s Done Is Done.” Where  Grace is plagued with guilt. Meanwhile, Ben tries to figure out where he fits in Amy’s Life.

weeds_season5Weeds is on at 10 PST on Showtime. Tonight’s episode is called “Super Lucky Happy” where Nancy must decide the fate of a rogue DEA agent; Celia finally arrives back in the U.S. and moves into Nancy’s garage; Silas and Doug strong-arm a law enforcement connection for a medical marijuana license.

MIOBIMake It Or Break It at 9 PST on ABC Family. Tonight’s episode is called “Where’s Marty,” there’s chaos at the gym in the wake of Marty and Lauren’s exits, so Payson, Kaylie and Emily set out to confront the two defectors about their decision to leave. Meanwhile, Lauren is not pleased with the reception she gets at her new gym. I hate the character of Lauren, she’s the rich spoiled brat that wants it her way all the time.

ny-work[1]On VH1 New York Goes to Work will be on at 10 PST and tonight’s episode is the season finale. On tonight’s episode New York gets to be a boxer, and viewers will choose her opponent from three nemeses from her past.

NewlywedsHere come the Newlyweds this will be on at 10 PST on ABC. Tonight’s episode is called “Oh My, I’ve Never Seen Him Like This” The four remaining couples show off their stylish sides by competing in a room-decorating contest that’s judged by interior designer and the women are in for some surprises when their husbands undergo hypnotherapy.

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What’s On Tonight



royal_pains_cast-500x375Royal Pains on USA Network at 10 PST. Tonight’s episode is called “TB or not TB” and is about when Allison Moore, the owner/head chef of a trendy Hampton’s restaurant suffers a stroke, Hank attempts to save her from potential long-term damage, but she goes missing before treatment is administered.

samantha whoSamantha Who? is on at 8 PST on ABC, today is the return of this show, but as we know this is also it’s last season since it has been cancelled. Tonight’s episode is about when Sam starts dating a rock superstar, she becomes so embarrassed by Andrea and Dena’s fan-like reactions that she unintentionally begins to alienate them.

In the MotherhoodIn The Motherhood is on at 9:30 PST on ABC and tonight’s episode is called “Shepfather” where Jane’s nervousness over boyfriend Shep meeting her kids turns into jealousy when he shows off his parenting skills. I love Megan Mullally’s character in this show, she’s funny and smart and a rebel, a little like her old Will and Grace character.

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Better Off Ted Returns

Better off tedLast night was the return of Better Off Ted on NBC and the episode was “You Are the Boss of Me.” I just saw this episode and it was really funny, it might be the funniest sitcom of the summer. On last night’s episode Ted tries socializing with Lem and Phil while his daughter Rose is out of town with her mother. They reluctantly invite him to their Medieval Fight Club, held in Veridian’s basement. Once Ted’s sucked into the action, he finds he can’t stop, oblivious to the fact that his presence is making everyone else feel like they’re still on the clock. Meanwhile, Linda attempts to befriend Veronica and realizes they might be better off staying in a boss/employee relationship.

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