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8ac9I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!
 at 8 PST on NBC Tonight is the finale and we will see if Torri, John, or Lou gets crowned King or Queen of the Jungle. I still can’t believe Sanjaya was voted off, I thought for sure he was going to win.


the philanthropistThe series premiere of The Philanthropist is on tonight at 10 PST on NBC. This is an eight part drama about Teddy Rist, billionaire playboy turned vigilante philanthropist after he finds himself a life mission when a hurricane hits the Nigerian town he was visiting.  During the storm he meets a young boy and rescues him. After this experience, he dedicates his life to helping those in need. I’ll watch the pilot and see if this is going to be any good.


reno_cast2_v8 Reno 911 on Comedy Central at 10:30 PST. On tonight’s episode Jones and Williams go undercover to penetrate a steamy, underground Swingers’ club. I saw the preview and this looks hilarious. 


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What’s On Tonight



80baMental is on tonight at 9PST on Fox. On tonight’s episode Jack treats a celebrity who had a breakdown on national television. 


life after peopleLife After People on the History Channel at 10 PST. Tonight’s episode is called “Water of Death” where it will show how destructive waters overtake the world we leave behind. Rain floods New Orleans again, and when power goes out in the city’s aquarium, it spells doom for thousands of animals. Corrosion from rain brings down Seattle’s Space Needle, while humidity in the Middle East wrecks Dubai’s space-age structures. 


hawthorneHawthoRNe at 9 PST on TNT. Tonight’s episode is called “Healing Time” where Christina becomes attached to a brain aneurysm patient when his dementia leads him to believe she is his wife. This becomes an issue when the patient starts relying on Christina’s opinion over Dr. Wakefield’s. 


8ac9I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!  is on again at 8PST on NBC. Yesterday we saw Holly leave for the second time, Sanjaya was so sad. America has voted to save their faves and two of the remaining celebrities will be eliminated from the competition for good tonight.

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New ABC Family Show

MIOBII just watched Make It or Break It and I wasn’t planning to because it didn’t look that good, it just looked like a tv show of the movie Stick It and I saw that and it wasn’t that great to be turned into a tv show. But, there wasn’t anything else on so I thought I’d at least watch the pilot and I have to say it wasn’t so bad. It was what I expected, rich spoiled girls and the one poor new comer trying to make it. I liked the main character, I liked her drive. I will be watching this next week and see how the series continues.

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What’s On Tonight



86f0A new episode of Nurse Jackie is on at 10:30 PST on Showtime. Tonight’s episode is called “Chicken Soup” where an elderly patient checks in who has been treating his heart disease with chicken soup; Jackie discusses her daughter’s anxiety with Dr. O’Hara; Eddie learns that he is to be replaced by a pill-dispensing machine.

Secret lifeThe Secret Life of the American Teenager Season Premiere is on tonight at 8 PST on ABC Family. Tonight’s episode is called “The Big One.” I like this show, it can be a little cheesy but it’s also heart warming.

weeds_season5Weeds is on at 10 PST on Showtime. Tonight’s episode is called “Su- Su- Sucio” where Nancy is ordered by a doctor to reduce her stress just as her estranged sister Jill shows up and her bodyguard disappears; Celia’s rebel camp micromanaging gets her sent back home; Silas and Doug decide to take their pot business legit.

8ac9The first reality show on tonight is I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! is on at 8 PST on NBC. On tonight’s episode  the celebs with the lowest amount of “Save the Fave” votes duke it out to stay in the competition.

ny-work[1]On VH1 New York Goes to Work will be on at 10 PST. On tonight’s episode New York will be working at a fast food restaurant, this is going to be funny.

NewlywedsHere come the Newlyweds this will be on at 10 PST on ABC. The five remaining couples’ patience and teamwork are put to the test as they race to be first to successfully load a minivan.

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Grey’s Anatomy News

izzie-724993Some sources have confirmed that Katherine Heigl will be returning to Grey’s Anatomy next season, although ABC has not confirmed to any castings. We already know for sure that T.R. Knight won’t be coming back to the show. Since the beginning of last season there was talk that Heigl wanted out of the show but recently she has been publicly saying that she wants to continue on the show. Looks like her character will live.

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Nip/Tuck Cancelled

nip-tuckNip/Tuck has been cancelled and the finale which has already been shot probably won’t air until as late as 2011. The series finale will also be the show’s 100th episode and I for one am looking forward to seeing how they end the series and I hope they actually give it an ending.

Most of the crew had already moved to creator Ryan Murphy’s new Fox musical, Glee, last year and Murphy wasn’t even present for the filming of the finale. I saw the pilot of Glee and I liked it.

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What’s On Tonight



5e00 True Blood is on tonight at 9 PST on HBO. Tonight’s episode is called “Keep This Party Going” where Sookie is forced to cope with Bill’s obligations to Jessica, as well as the romantic inconveniences the teen vampire’s presence creates. At the Light of Day leadership conference, Jason makes a favorable impression on its ambitious leaders, Steve and Sarah Newlin, though not on his jealous roommate Luke. Maryann casts her spell on the Merlotte’s patrons, and Sam proves helpless to stop the revelry. I can’t wait.

kendra_wp1_800Kendra at 10 PST on E! Tonight’s episode is called “Lust in America” and is about Kendra and Hank embarking on a road trip back to LA after visiting his parents in New Mexico. They stop in Roswell to explore the supernatural mysteries surrounding the town.

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What’s On Tonight



goode_family_poster[1]The Goode Family is on tonight at 8:30 PST on ABC. This show isn’t bad, I think it’s heading towards cancelation though. On tonight’s episode Helen and Gerald try to prove they’re not homophobic by befriending a lesbian couple.



the soupThe Soup at 10 PST on E! This is one of my favorite shows. Joel McHale is Hilarious and I love him, seriously.  This show features funny clips from the week and any other pop culture news.

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Occupation Final Episode

OccupationI just finished watching the third and final episode of Occupation the BBC One miniseries. This was a very good episode, it was so honest and sad. This episode really showed what the war has done to people.

Here’s a link to the episode

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New Rex show

A pilot of Rex just hit the internet today and this show is about Simon Rex and his journey to try to get back in the limelight. Paris Hilton is in this as Simon’s fake girlfriend, the cast also includes Jamie Presley, Lance Bass and many more. I just watched this episode and it’s really funny, it really takes a stab at celebrity life.

Here’s a link to the episode

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