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samantha whoSamantha Who? is on at 8 PST on ABC, today there will be two new episodes and it will be the season finale, or since it was cancelled its more like a series finale. First, “The Other Woman” where Sam learns that Winston Funk’s ex-wife played an important role in her life before the accident. Meanwhile, Andrea tries to seduce her gay fiance. Then, at 8:30 “With This Ring,” The series concludes on Andrea’s wedding day, and Sam is torn between Winston Funk and Todd, again. Meanwhile, Howard and Regina begin to realize their paths are starting to diverge.

royal_pains_cast-500x375Royal Pains is on at 10PST on USA. Tonight’s episode is called “Crazy Love,” where Hank tends to an accident victim with serious injuries that aren’t readily apparent. Elsewhere, Jill’s childhood pal returns to the Hampton’s following a job offer from Boris, and Divya’s fiance visits, prompting her to examine their relationship.


The Listener on NBC at 10 PST. Tonight’s episode is called “One Way or Another,” Toby gathers information from a traumatized rape victim whose attacker Marks failed to convict in the past. During his probe, Toby discovers Marks may have a deeper connection to the case.


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What’s On Tonight



royal_pains_cast-500x375Royal Pains on USA Network at 10 PST. Tonight’s episode is called “TB or not TB” and is about when Allison Moore, the owner/head chef of a trendy Hampton’s restaurant suffers a stroke, Hank attempts to save her from potential long-term damage, but she goes missing before treatment is administered.

samantha whoSamantha Who? is on at 8 PST on ABC, today is the return of this show, but as we know this is also it’s last season since it has been cancelled. Tonight’s episode is about when Sam starts dating a rock superstar, she becomes so embarrassed by Andrea and Dena’s fan-like reactions that she unintentionally begins to alienate them.

In the MotherhoodIn The Motherhood is on at 9:30 PST on ABC and tonight’s episode is called “Shepfather” where Jane’s nervousness over boyfriend Shep meeting her kids turns into jealousy when he shows off his parenting skills. I love Megan Mullally’s character in this show, she’s funny and smart and a rebel, a little like her old Will and Grace character.

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What’s on Tonight



8ac9I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! is on tonight again on NBC at 8 PST. On tonight’s episode we’ll see who is going home, and there will be 2 people eliminated today. . Last night we saw that Janice was not in the top 2 and that Patti was not in the bottom 2.



The Listener on NBC at 10 PST. Tonight’s episode is called “Some Kinda Love” and is about Toby meeting a woman at a club and then turns up dead which leaves Toby as a murder suspect; so you’ll see toby fighting to prove his innocence and finding the real killer using his ability to read minds.


royal_pains_cast-500x375Royal Pains on USA Network at 10 PST. Tonight’s episode is called “Strategic Planning” where Hank, the doctor, is called to the home of a wealthy U.S. senator, whose pushy wife asks them to perform a discreet physical on their teenage son, who will be Notre Dame’s starting quarterback in the fall. My guess is there is something wrong with the kid.

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