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Better off tedBetter Off Ted at 9:30 PST on ABC. Tonight’s episode is called “Bioshuffle” where Tensions mount when Ted, Linda and Veronica end up sharing offices.

hawthorneHawthoRNe at 9 PST on TNT. Tonight’s episode is called “Yielding” where Christina scrambles to create a makeshift ICU bed for a woman whose son isn’t ready to let her go. Bobbie helps Kelly handle a difficult case in which an infant has apparently ingested rubbing alcohol, and suspicion has fallen on the mother. Ray tries to spend time with Candy checking expiration dates in the drug closet, but his attention keeps getting pulled by a needy patient. And Camille spends the day sneaking around the hospital when she’s supposed to be working on an English essay.

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Better Off Ted Returns

Better off tedLast night was the return of Better Off Ted on NBC and the episode was “You Are the Boss of Me.” I just saw this episode and it was really funny, it might be the funniest sitcom of the summer. On last night’s episode Ted tries socializing with Lem and Phil while his daughter Rose is out of town with her mother. They reluctantly invite him to their Medieval Fight Club, held in Veridian’s basement. Once Ted’s sucked into the action, he finds he can’t stop, oblivious to the fact that his presence is making everyone else feel like they’re still on the clock. Meanwhile, Linda attempts to befriend Veronica and realizes they might be better off staying in a boss/employee relationship.

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Shows to watch this summer

The top shows to watch this summer are

5e00True Blood

I’ve been waiting for this show to come back on since the season finale. Returns this Sunday at 9 PST on HBO.


This was good the last few seasons. It has a slow premiere but I’m hoping for it to pick up. This show is back on Mondays at 10 PST on Showtime.


This is a new medical mystery on Fox about a new psychiatrist Director. Has a bit of a House feel, it’s worth a watch. It’s on Tuesdays at 9 PST.

86f0Nurse Jackie

This is a new show on Showtime Mondays at 9:30 PST about a nurse. I wasn’t sure about it at first but I saw the first two episodes and they were good so I will keep on watching.

843bThe Listener

This is a new show on NBC Thursdays at 10 PST I saw the first two episodes which is about Toby, a paramedic that can read minds. This show is different in the way that he reads minds. He’s a telepath but he sees what people think, he sees what they are going through, doesn’t just hear it, and people call out to his mind for help. Its a pretty good show for the summer.

7fe0Better off Ted

A show about Ted, a good guy who runs reasearch and development at a morally questionable company.  It’s a cute show with a few good laughs.  I enjoy the characters and the fact that Portia de Rossi is in it. Worth a watch. Returns to ABC 6/23 Tuesdays at 9:30 PST.

Project Runway

Season 6 is coming back August 20th to Lifetime, The new season will have many changes, including being hosted in Los Angeles for the first time. There will also be a spin off which will be  Models of the Runway, which focuses on the glamazons who flaunt the designers’ creations each week.

Mad-MenMad Men

This critics’ fav is coming back for a third season August 16 in its usual slot on Sundays at 10 pm PST on AMC.  What will be different this season? Absolutely nothing….and we will all tune in religiously for the sex, booze, and awkward silences.

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