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greek[1]The season finale of Greek is on tonight on ABC Family at 8 PST. I like this show, I think it’s cute. I think I know what’s going to happen tonight but I won’t be sure until I see it.



86f0A new episode of Nurse Jackie is on at 9:30 PST on Showtime. This show is full of surprises and I wonder what is in store tonight.


weeds_season5A new episode of Weeds is on at 10 PST on Showtime. I’m excited about this tonight I’m interested in how the season progresses. This show is smart and funny.




8ac9The first reality show on tonight is I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! is on at 8 PST for 2 hours on NBC. Without Heidi and Spencer this show isn’t bad. It’s funny and Sanjaya is insane, who knew he was so cool.


ny-work[1]On VH1 New York Goes to Work will be on at 10 PST. This show is funny, New York is rediculous, foul, dumb and hilarious. On tonights episode New York will be working as a clown.

NewlywedsIf you want to watch a different reality tv show you can watch Here come the Newlyweds this will be on at 10 PST on ABC. This show has some funny couples and it gets you thinking about your love life.  On this episode the couples must deal with kids, eh.

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