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Returning Shows

Good news is fall is coming back with many of our favorite shows starting up soon.


9/09 at 9PST on Fox

This show will start with teacher Will needs to enlist more students for the choir, but jealous cheerleading coach Sue undermines him. We saw the premier episode in May and now it’s back. This show has been getting a lot of publicity this summer and hopefully it continues to be as good as the first episode.

The Office

9/17 at 9 PST on NBC

The season ended with Pam finding out she’s pregnant with her fiance Jim’s baby, which was a happy surprise. Since Pam and Jim started dating I was always afraid something would come between them and end their happy relationship. This coming season there will be a wedding and Pam will be trying to hide her pregnancy from her family.


9/21 at 8 PST on Fox

We left off with House being admitted to an institution and Cameron and Chase wed. The two hour premiere solely traces House’s recovery over several months and I’m so excited to see this show come back. In House’s absence, Foreman leads the team, unfortunately Cuddy and House’s flirtation will not be so important.

How I Met Your Mother

9/21 at 8 PST on CBS

Last season ended with Ted getting a new job as an architecture professor, which will lead him in the path of finding his mothers kids. Also, Barney professed his love for Robin! Looks like this season we will learn things about Teds future wife and Barney and Robin will be seeing if they can make it as a couple. I love this show, I love Barney and I can’t wait to see if he ends up happy with Robin!

Grey’s Anatomy

9/24 at 9PST on ABC

Last season ended with Izzie’s cancer nearly killing her and George flat lining, and Derek and Meredith writing their marriage vows. As we already know George dies and Izzie makes it. Cristina and Owen keep their relationship going, Mark and Lexie are even happier in their relationship, and Alex and Izzie’s relationship may fall apart.

Family Guy

9/27 at 9 PST on Fox

Not much to say about this new season, but we’ll be sure to expect the usual Family Guy comedy. This new season will include Miley Cyrus being stalked, Stewie and Brian’s adventures in alternate dimensions, and celebrity cameos include Chace Crawford as an escaped convict Meg harbors, and Anne Hathaway who’s in a TV show Stewie is obsessed with.

Desperate Housewives

9/27 at 9 PST on ABC

Last season ended with the neighbors including pregnant Lynette and a single Bree, gathered for Mike’s I do’s.  We won’t find out till this season if Mike marries Katherine or Susan. This season also brings a new family to the neighborhood, the Bolens. The drama will most likely be centered around this family.

30 Rock

10/15 at 9:30 PST on NBC

Last season ended with Jack losing his fiancee and finding his dad. This season Jenna will go folksy and there will be a quest for a new actor for the show. Jack also wants dating guru Liz to host a talk show which will blow up in her face.

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Nip/Tuck Cancelled

nip-tuckNip/Tuck has been cancelled and the finale which has already been shot probably won’t air until as late as 2011. The series finale will also be the show’s 100th episode and I for one am looking forward to seeing how they end the series and I hope they actually give it an ending.

Most of the crew had already moved to creator Ryan Murphy’s new Fox musical, Glee, last year and Murphy wasn’t even present for the filming of the finale. I saw the pilot of Glee and I liked it.

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